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About us

Barış Construction was established in 2000, considering the improvement and the needs in the sector. Since then, the company has put its signature under many successful projects, helping the emergence of new structures that include novel and modern applications. For the renovation and decoration needs of all kinds of structures used for personal or commercial purposes, our firm’s service mentality has been to offer solutions above and beyond the task. As the team, we strive to follow the technological advances and improvements around the world to apply them to our work and adequately fulfill the expectations of our customers.


As the contractor company for our home and workplace turnkey renovation projects, we would like to state that we are aware of the precision of our work. We deliver every project we receive at the exact date and hour we have promised, in its new perfect form. Those who have seen our unusual projects and our designs that make people forget the previous ones will understand what we mean. Continuing to create qualified and exclusive places, we add value to the homes, offices, stores, and workplaces in both big cities and small districts through our perfectionist production and service policy.


Why Barış Construction?


Thanks to know-how and experience that it has gained, Barış Construction, professionally implements every project. The key to success is considering every single detail in all steps, like planning, application, and inspection, to fulfill the expectations.

Barış Construction arranges its projects by considering workspace security, work security, and environmental security in every space. As we do our task, you can peacefully focus on your work.


Barış Construction picks and chooses first-class materials that are compatible with world standards. In the application process, it provides services with an expert team who keep themselves up to date in terms of know-how.


If you attach importance to the professionality, new lines, and unique designs, and want stronger structures to look to the future with confidence, Barış Construction is just for you.